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We squeeze the maximum out of social networks, and if necessary we will go beyond them! We combine automation with manual work. There is no need to pay for other services, we take care of all expenses under the contract for SMM promotion. We provide a monthly report on the work done, indicating budget expenditures and KPIs.
Our services
Social media management
Anaya Editores, S.A. offers services for creating and managing accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The company will help small businesses in Mexico develop a social media strategy, create high-quality content and reach the target audience.
Advertising campaigns in social networks
Anaya Editores, S.A. provides services for the development and launch of advertising campaigns in social networks. The company will help small businesses in Mexico define their ad objectives, select the right platforms, and set up targeted ads for the best results.
Analysis of the effectiveness of social media campaigns
Anaya Editores, S.A. analyzes the effectiveness of ongoing social media campaigns for small businesses in Mexico. The company provides detailed reports on the achieved indicators, such as reach, engagement and conversions, as well as recommendations for optimizing the social media strategy.
Training and consulting on SMM
Anaya Editores, S.A. offers training programs and social media consulting services for small businesses in Mexico. The company will help entrepreneurs understand the basics of SMM, learn how to create effective content and manage their social media accounts on their own.
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